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 I graduated from HBS in 2011 and have spent countless hours ever since exploring, discovering and wondering how to navigate my career and life post-MBA.

I feel like other people might be in the same boat and since I’ve always been the person who says what everyone else thinks but is afraid to say out loud, I figured I’d try it out here.

Thoughts welcome – and happy reading!




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  2. Very interesting to read about your experience.

    I have applied to few business schools and am waiting for schools to get back to me. Part of the reason I want to do an MBA is self-discovery. Being in a foreign country (US), with not much support network, I think will be valuable for me.

    I have met a few MBA grads and they said that it takes time after you graduate to realize what you really want and when you do, only then you realize the worth of the MBA.

    I guess being in an uncertain environment isn’t great- I feel much the same way not knowing if I will get into a business school.

    I think we humans are by nature very un-content with our lives. The pursuit of happiness will not end till we die.

  3. I have completed my MBA on ’11
    After that I have joined a Good company in Pharmaceutical Industry
    Here I thought some time is it really need to went to a B-school for a such type of jo s
    Some times I exhausted
    But when I see my boss or few of the colleagues don’t have that such of degree.’ Really guys they people don’t have a proper manners to how they work as a team and coordination.
    That I have learnt from my bschool, that how you could’ve been make a team and synchronize it very well

  4. Very interesting and useful for current MBA applicant! I have heard too many bright sides…Your post help me to make a more balanced decision. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very candid thoughts ! MBAs from top colleges are very bullheaded in admitting the true picture. Pursuing a career in management consulting myself (without an MBA), I see your point, but the fruits of MBA are realized 10 after it when you and your non-MBA friend are still stuck at the same endless job crunching numbers and solving even complex business cases, BUT you are doing it for a much bigger pay and more respectable position than your friend ONLY because of your MBA brand (assuming you both are equally good at the job which you have both learnt ‘on the job’ as you have rightly said).

    So, MBA might not help you choose what your passions are but if you are in the same boat for as long as you non-MBA friend is, you have higher chances of reaping better benefits because of your degree.

    These are my views based on my limited knowledge and exposure (or rather the answer I give myself when I am confused as to why I really need to put my life through the painful MBA experience 🙂 ), so correct me if I am wrong !

    • Yes.. Ashwin Its true… I have spent close to 6 years in the Industry now.. and believe me I have seen people high up who are doing the same work as juniors and even some people high up , who dont do much at all… but the pay grade is many orders of a difference… The status quo is very real in many parts of the industry…

  6. I like ur views on house husbands. I am looking to be a submissive to a dominant woman myself. Just cant find one in India!

  7. Very nice blog!
    I am right now in the post MBA phase…I feel like I am ‘stuck’, and I find it harder to decide what I really would like to do. I am more confused!

    I am realising that this whole program has been more a sort of psychological-self discovery that anything else. Of course, I didn’t imagine that before enrolling…

  8. Awesome blog / thanks for the advice. Looking into B-School at the moment and trying to figure out if/when/where to apply. Refreshing insights.

  9. Really great blog, insightful read, excellent writing, and candid thoughtfulness. Have I given you enough compliments yet, cause I can give more 🙂 Looking forward to reading through the whole site. I already cracked a lot of head nods. The one thing that I have learned coming out of the PhD is that, as the years go by, I’m still never sure I made the right career decision. Maybe that will change if/when post tenure.

  10. Hi!

    I read a few posts and, as an aspiring MBA holder, am very glad to find this.. blog, if I can call it that.

    There are many insights in this blog that I, at least once, wondered about, and the fact that you share your thoughts as a post MBA is great to know what to expect.

    I’m wondering if you, as a HBS alumni, could tell me if you feel Harvard, with all its brand, glory and hefty fees, was worth it?
    Do you think an MBA in a less prestigious school like Ross or Darden would be worthwhile?

    I confess I haven’t had the time to look into all your posts, so I do not know whether you already posted something about what I’m interested in asking you. If so, could you please point me to this particular post?

    Thanks in advance and congrats on your initiative.

    Hope the best for you.


  11. Hello!!!

    My husband is a stay home dad…He cooks way better than me and has become our sons buddy!!!…

    At first, it did bother him that I was busy making a leaving out there in the workforce, but then he liked it and is now proud of me.

    It takes time and lots of compromising and love ofcourse..

    Great Blog!!!!

  12. Hey my name is martin and am a junior in high school. Am thinking about taking MBA as a program when i go to college and i would like to get more advice from you. Please email me because i have a lot of question to ask you.

  13. Hey!

    Nice to read about your experience. I would be happy to share my own experience while searching jobs during and post MBA. I was amused by the way ‘Networking’ used to be done during the program, seldom fetching any meaningful result. Please go through my article and I would love to receive a feedback from you!



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