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Hi! I’d love to hear from you about your thoughts on life, career, purpose, relationships or all of the above – pre, during and post bschool.

And/or if you have another topic that you’d like to hear candid opinions from other MBAs about…let me know too!

Let’s chat!

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32 thoughts on “Let’s Chat

  1. Hello,

    I am an undergraduate looking into possibilities after graduation. While law school has been an interest to me it is incredibly hard to rationalize the price tag and the current astronomical unemployment rate is daunting. The University back home has an MBA program that for in-state residents is only $4,700 a semester and I have always had an interest in business. What are your thoughts on going straight into an MBA program straight out of undergrad versus working for a couple of years first?

  2. hello sir i just completed degree in 3 year so i want to do mba is that a good choice and by doing this course what type of jobs i can get and i like to go on marketing so sir please suggest me about this……

  3. I received my MBA in 2007 and moved into an Executive Assistant to a CEO of a privately own software development company. BIG, BIG, big mistake! My thought was to be able to move up in the company and get the needed experience. Though, I don’t have student loans, etc. I am over 40 years of age and didn’t really get the “experience” you should have with the MBA. I did what the CEO wanted me to do that limited me. Don’t get me wrong I had many positions prior to my present position and worn many hats, putting in the category of the old cliché “Jack of all trades, master of none”.

    I am still at the company who have had challenges in the revenue department from day one. My attempts of landing a new position has been challenging.

    I’ve got my MBA now what?

  4. Hey,
    I just finished high school this year, focussing on biology. I got into a few medical colleges but none of the really good ones. So, I’ve decided to take an year off and apply again. But lately, I’ve been thinking about just screwing the whole Doctor thing and going into B-schools. Well, you know, go to a good B-School, become a hot shot grad, be crazily rich, happily ever after?

    But I don’t even really that much about what people actually do after an MBA (EVERYONE IN MY FAMILY IS A DOCTOR :O), so I ended up googling ‘what do people actually do after an MBA’, leading me to your blog and well, my starstruck dream has definitely been shattered.

    Although you have motivated me to figure out what I actually want to do before its too late to switch. Thanks for that!

    But, hey, I have no idea HOW a person is supposed to figure it out? Do you have any? I would really appreciate it.

  5. I feel relieved to know that some other people out there feel the same about having an MBA. I got mine in Paris, France in a mediocre B-school that attracts students from all over the world. There are tons of new B-schools in Europe and all they want is your money; the sell ‘Europe’ as the most fascinating place on earth.
    Tuition fees may be relative lower than in the US but the cost of living is so high.

    The MBA didn’t do much for most of classmates, very few people got internships that could possibly get them a “good” job with a decent salary –expected for an MBA- or event worst, most of my classmates went back to the same job they were doing simply because they knew the industry or they had the experience in that field.

    I was unemployed for nearly a year after graduation and ended up taking another class paid by the local government, as part of unemployment benefits. Today I got job, in France, which has nothing to do with what I did before or my MBA. I realized that most companies, at least in the baguette land, use outmoded internal software to operate and they ask you 5-7 years of working experience.

    I think the best way to go is to enter into a 2 yr Grad program with a company after graduation.

  6. Great article! I want to share my thoughts with you and see if you can help me clarify some things. I have a BS and a MS in chemistry. I’ve been working in the industry for three years. Six months ago, my buddy and I started a crowdfunding business, which we are still building. This venture made me realize that I really like being an entrepreneur and would like to work with other entrepreneurs even if this startup don’t work out. So I started looking into business school for an MBA. I want to specialize in entrepreneurship. However, for someone with a science degree and an MBA, what kind of jobs are out there? What kind of roles can I play in the startup industry? I’m searching for answers…….thanks for any inputs!

  7. I really appreciate your article. I almost feel the way you feel. I am a Law graduate, who also did the mistake of joining MBA course, that too in Finance & International Business. My dream was to become a successful Corporate Legal Executive…. But all my dreams got washed away during the last 6 months of my MBA(currently I am in the last semester), because in the present scenario I cannot see a single company hiring people like me. I do not know what to do, as I have a burden of educational loan on my shoulder. I am fighting hard for my survival.

  8. Im from Peru, got about 5 years work experience from sales intelligence to logistics in the retail industry for large MNCs. I am currently starting a 1 year MBA, because i have been saving up to do it for the last 2 years, but after reading a few ideas of how ppl end up thoroughly disappointed with their experience, I think that the best advice i can gather, is to figure out

    1. how to pay for the damn thing – Student loan should be the last option, else you will probably feel pressured to accept the highest paying job rather than the one that could make you happy.

    2. Have a rather distinctive idea of your objectives post-MBA. Instead of a plan that is fallible, set out milestones that once achieved can bring you closer to your goal. I think this is the hardest, no class on earth is gonna help you direct your energy if you arent sure in the first place where you would like to be.

    What do you think? im probably missing out a lot, and have been grossly oversimplistic, but does this makes sense to the ppl who have finished an MBA???

    Thanx again to everyone for the input/help/time, the more i think about this the less obvious it becomes.


  9. Hey! I just finished my first year of Pharmacy School and am looking to apply to the PharmD/ MBA dual degree program. As a pharmacist I eventrually want to work in the pharmaceutical industry setting (not retail or hospital) which is why I am interested in pursuing an MBA. Do you think its worth it?

  10. Great blog and so true! And not just for MBA’s.
    I recently graduated from Wharton, working on my own startup http://www.ambitioni.com. We are trying to bring big data to career planning and hopefully make long term career planning more structured and researched. Basically stop this reliance on adhoc networking and ill-informed career advisors. Anyways would love to have a chat…

  11. Hi! I just found your blog by googling information about an MBA. I love it! I have been out of undergrad for 2 years since I graduated early. Found out there are really no jobs for me (or they’re just hard to come by) and feeling like my CJ degree is useless. I’m glad to have run across someone who was able to tell the raw truth about their experiences. You’ve inspired me to start a blog of my own about my own experiences. Please keep writing as I will continue to read.

  12. Hi, I haven’t been to any B school yet. But I am planning to. After reading all these posts, I am not sure if I should do it anymore. Is it really that hard to find nice jobs after MBA or B school? I am really worried how to choose my major now.

  13. Shaking off the rosy picture, the issues are penned openly. Honestly after 2 years of post MBA honeymoon, I agree to most of the points that you had mentioned. Especially the ones where MBA does not matter in a real job and people actually hate you for having one, and the ones where everyone expects B school grads to know everything in the world. As a career switcher it can be very frustrating to start from scratch while if you hold on to your pre MBA job you might be doing exactly the same or better! Honestly now I am starting to consider post MBA programs as a refresher and to escape from the frustration. Hopefully one that does not drain the wallet but which provides a minimal allowance to sustain the program. Would you happen to know of any such programs and did you consider it anytime? Since the blog was written already a few years back, would love to know how you are doing now! Hope to hear from you!

  14. Hi,

    I am a Software Engineer with 8 years of industry experience and lots of unknown aspirations! Having heard from friends about MBA, I thought MBA will help me finding and fulfilling those unknown aspriations but I realized, before coming across your blog, that it isn’t the case. Now, I am stuck. I am done with my VISA, tickets, apt., tuition deposit and other stuff now not sure whether to opt for the program or not.

    It was at this time, I started googling to understand am I the only one with this feelings and found that there are many! While this atleast helps me calm myself because of my indecisiveness I was perceiving myself as a non-decision maker. But now, I don’t. I am happy that atleast my thought process is going in right direction! I think if I opt for an MBA without figuring out how to use that degree to reach where I want to (after I figure out where!) then I will be just another MBA in a market full of MBA leading a unsatisfied life with empty ness all around as I have in my current job. So, the best way I decided is to post pone the decision by an year to figure out things I need to before I get into 2 year committment.

    Do you think that would be a right decision?


  15. I stumbled across your blog while looking more into mba programs and I’m very glad I did. being in my early 20’s I find it pretty difficult to find people willing to candidly discuss their experiences during and after so this was both delightful and beneficial to find. Thank you for discussing your experiences and please continue to do so 🙂

  16. Hi there
    I really liked your take on post mba life. My partner is only weeks away from completing his mba and he is finding it extremely difficult to get a job. No one is giving him a chance and he is trying very hard. Is there anything more he can do? I want to see whether I can help him in any way.

  17. Hi! thank you for this blog…it fits me perfectly. I am about to finish my MBA in 1 week and 4 days.

    I am counting the days, proud in the heart, feel accomplished and successful. However, scared as hell on what to do with it after.

    Feelings are one thing but I know putting the real value to it is my goal.

    Thanks for creating this space!!!


  18. I just completed my MBA program which was a one year full time experience. I did this while raising children, having a demanding (albeit supportive) wife, and a part time job that asked between 16-20 hours a week.

    In all, over the past year I’ve probably been completely tasked out around 18 hours a day… six to seven days a week. I now have two weeks off to “catch” my breath before I start my career in IT. I just stopped the grind, and have found time to think… I just want to say, OUCH! I haven’t planned, and didn’t think, hitting the wall at the end of the program would be like this.

    10/10, would do it all again!

    • Also, for anyone cautious about job/career prospects after Bschool… 60% of my class had offers upon graduation, 30% procrastinated in their search and were in the interview process, and 10% had plans that were not aligned with the MBA degree (I often questioned why they were in the program in the first place).

      I received 5 offers, and in the end played them off each other to negotiate a salary that was in the top 5% of my class.

      There’s plenty you can do with the degree after Bschool, you just have to create opportunity rather than feeling entitled that you have the MBA.

  19. Your posts have highlighted the contemprary challenges recent grads face (undergrad/postgrad). I personally can relate to multiple blogs. The constant grappling, with my thoughts regarding the very same issues, is strenuous. At times, my stances seem to be irrefutable. Next day, my whole perspective changes after sharing my thoughts with “rational” people. My motivation suffers consistently as a result. Yet, thoughts resurfaces in a mixture of fear, guilt, doubt, and irrationality. Deepak Malhotra’s speech to HBS class of 2012 is a classic.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It’s comforting to know of others facing similar dilemmas in life.

  20. Hi, i currently finished my graduation and i m thinking of doing MBA but i dnt hv any job experience and i dnt have any path clear about wat i want in life. I just know now that i want to pursue my MBA but i want your guidance in what should i do after hearing all your experience. Because i am changing my path from being a mechanical engineer to a post graduation in MBA.

  21. Hey my name is martin and am a junior in high school. Am thinking about taking MBA as a program when i go to college and i would like to get more advice from you. Please email me because i have a lot of question to ask you. Mnoteng31@hisdstu.org and my contact 926874 9271

  22. Hello, I am a US solider and soon to be veteran. I was thinking of going to school for my MBA and a degree in psychology. With my MBA I was going to start a small corporation but with everyone I know leaving B-school and switching fieldso due to no work, it does scare me. Should I just stop now while I’m not too deep?

  23. Hello,

    Just an EU employee passing by… I’m thinking of taking an MBA, but for us more than for any of you in the USA, the loan is really important.

    Could we have a private talk on some advice you could share ?

    Thanks for the help 🙂

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  25. MBA can ruin a career and life as well. I was great technologist and moved to Silicon Valley where technology rules. Having MBA is a negative,having a MS in Comp Science is more revered. Anyway, my passion was to build software products I used to swim in those roles. After mba, I did marketing, I did business planning and then finally product management. All of those roles are support roles to engineering or sales. MBA is only a tool and we rarely use it on ourselves. One should do SWOT on your own skills and personality and chose career. After getting into marketing , i lost job in recession and i had hard time finding a job in valley in one year. In recession, we need doers not MBAs. My engineering friends were having best of their time.

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