Madden 16 Cover Vote Down to Gronk and Odell Beckham Jr.

Madden 16 Cover Vote Down to Gronk and Odell Beckham Jr.

Madden 16 Cover Vote Down to Gronk and Odell Beckham Jr.

Who should grace the cover of this year’s pro football game from EA Sports?

Madden 16 News – Cover Vote (Cast your vote now!)

Madden 16 News for Madden NFL 16
Madden 16 News – Cover Vote (Cast your vote now!)

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Players will receive a Vote Collectible the first time they log in to Madden NFL Mobile each day.

Cover Vote Collectibles complete one of four repeatable Cover Vote Sets, so that players can vote over and over again for the Madden NFL 16 cover athlete.

These Collectibles cannot be auctioned.

Players can also cast votes by completing four daily Live Events (one Live Event every six hours). For every successful Live Event completion, players will be awarded one Vote Collectible to be added to the finalist set in which the player wants to vote for and a chance of winning one Cover Athlete Finalist Collectible. Add this collectible to a set to unlock an 88 OVR version of the Cover Athlete Finalist.

The winning Cover Athlete will be boosted to a 99 OVR at the time of the cover reveal. Ten Cover Athlete Finalist Collectibles are required for each set, and the can be auctioned.


Console players will receive one Cover Vote Collectible the first time they log in to Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) during the week. This and other Cover Vote Collectibles can be used to complete Cover Vote Sets. There is one Set for each of the four semifinalists

MADDEN 16 COVER VOTE in Madden 15 Ultimate Team – I Got Gronk! How ‘Bout YOU?

Madden 16 Cover Vote — MUT 15 — Madden 15 Ultimate Team

Madden 16 is coming this August, but now is your chance to place your vote for the cover athlete on this year’s game! Choose between Rob Gronkowski, Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown or Patrick Peterson in this year’s version of Madden 15 Ultimate Team!


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Woah! Madden 16!
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Here are your four choices for Madden NFL 16 cover athlete. From spectacular catches to shutdown cornerbacks and electrifying return men, these four playmakers represent the excitement of the modern-day NFL.

– Odell Beckham Jr., New York Giants WR
– Antonio Brown, Pittsburgh Steelers WR
– Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots TE
– Patrick Peterson, Arizona Cardinals CB

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Madden 16 Cover Vote – How To Vote! (Beckham Or Gronk?)

Learn how to vote in Madden 15 MUT for the Madden 16 Cover Athlete! Will you vote Gronk, Beckham, Brown Or Peterson?

Madden Mobile How To Vote:

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